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ProHealth Pharmacy was established primarily to fulfill the gap that other pharmacies left behind - putting "care" back into the words health care! Our pharmacists have been in the industry practising for over 10+ years. In the years of practice we noticed that customers needed to be more than just a prescription count.

ProHealth Pharmacy is not just any pharmacy, we are diligent and take exceptional prodie in the service we offer. Most of our customers know our pharmacists by name, and that same favour is returned by our pharmacists. We build a professional relationship with our customer making sure that your health care are addressed.

Friendly Staff!

At ProHealth Pharmacy we make sure that our employees are passionate about what they do. We offer a great environment and are open to answering any questions about anyone's health care needs whether you are an existing customer or not.

Going Beyond!

At ProHealth Pharmacy we go beyond just filling your prescription(s). We make sure all your questions and concerns have been addressed before you leave our store. Transferring to ProHealth is as easy as a phone call. 

We Care!

At ProHealth Pharmacy our pharmacist are specially trained to make sure you get exceptional service. Unlike other pharmacies, you are not just a prescription count to us but part of our ProHealth family. We respect your time.

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